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Online Dominatrix Training With Submissive
I Want To Become A Dominatrix
Male Dominant Training Submissive
I Want To Become A
Dominant Male
Online Female Submissive Training
I want To Become A Female Submissive
Male Submissive Training With Dominatrix
I Want To Become A Male Submissive


  • How to build an uncontrollable desire within your slave to serve you. Watch as all their thoughts and efforts become totally focused on YOU!
  • submissive activities you can make them perform to spice up their training and take it to the next level. Never get bored!
  • Don’t waste your valuable time! Discover the keys to determining the worthiness of a slave.
  • Secrets to making sure the scene flows! So the slave is completely and totally focused on your Dominant power.
  • Tasks and assignments You can give your slave and watch them squirm as they try to accomplish it to your satisfaction!

Step Inside To Unleash your true Dominant nature and intensify your slave’s training


  • Discover the secret to submissive sensations that are far more intense and powerful than you have ever imagined.
  • A guide to figuring out if your future Master/Mistress is a fake or the real deal! Sniff out the losers who don’t deserve your submission right away.
  • Learn proper submissive etiquette that will have every Dom/me fighting to have you.
  • Create a slave portfolio that you can give to a Dom/me to help them determine what needs and desires your require
  • Serve your perfect Dom/me in absolute bliss but ensure that the environment stays safe, sane and consensual for your protection.

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