The BDSM Training Academy Team

One person can be creative, but a team of people can combine their knowledge, experience and imagination to create mind blowing BDSM experiences.

When I first started training My own slaves it was a lot of fun, but despite all My experience I was still only one person and I could only come up with so many new tests and games to put My lil slaves through. That is why the BDSM Training Academy team came together and decided to share each others knowledge and experience.

One person can be creative, but a team of practitioners are limitless.

Master Bishop: Founder

Master Bishop - The BDSM Training AcademyHas been involved in the Dominant/submissive lifestyle for over 15 years. Master Bishop has instructed and trained people who are just entering into the BDSM lifestyle for over 10 years. He is an invaluable source of knowledge, a true teacher and mentor. Mastered in many aspects of BDSM, His main skills and love are on the mental aspect of D/s, the art of spanking, double flogging and caning.

“To physically force someone to obey is easy, but to mentally Dominate them and have them begging to be allowed to please you without raising a finger is a skill!” “Anybody can take control of the body, it’s the rest that takes work and creates the most beautiful experiences”


Mistress Sophia: Head Instructor

Has been involved in the alternative lifestyle for over 10 years. She first started out as a submissive to learn the ropes and understand more of what the lifestyle entailed. Mistress Sophia always knew in Her heart that She was meant to be a Dominatrix with proper slaves to serve Her desires. She spent years endlessly studying and training to master Her skills as a Dominant.

Over those 10 years she has had many great experiences but some very scary experiences with people who should never be a part of this lifestyle. She never wanted that to happen to anyone else, which is why she decided to join the slave training team in an effort to educate people on proper training.

She has been an invaluable member, always eager to share her knowledge to improve experiences and enjoyment.

Mistress Brianne: Instructor

Has had well over 25 submissives that she has trained from the ground up. Taking a man that knows nothing about the lifestyle and molding them into the perfectly obedient sissy slave is her specialty. While she is no stranger to switching and does enjoy being submissive from time to time, Mistress Brianne is more of a giver then a receiver! Most submissives W/we have found are thankful for that.

sub kathleen

With the love, support and guidance of my Husband/Partner/Master i began an adventure that so far has enhanced every aspect of my life and brought a new focus and balance to an already passionate, loving and committed relationship.

i am slave to my Master, 24/7 in a Total Power Exchange (TPE) lifestyle/relationship and i am happier now than i have ever been. i am a business professional that works from home, i love to cook, and organize things. i feel pride, satisfaction and accomplished in keeping a clean organized home. Yes I know it’s crazy but there are still some of us out there. i love to read, and recently i have been given the opportunity to experiment with the art of writing. You can find many of my articles here at the academy. All of my articles are from personal experiences, growth, realizations, and or observations. As i move forward on this path, it is my desire to serve first my Master and then this unique BDSM Community, so i hope that my writing can bring some clarity or comfort or some useful bit of knowledge to anyone who reads them.

My very first introduction into the BDSM lifestyle was to have the honor to be trained under Master Bishop Himself. Master Bishop guided me with Honesty, Integrity, Knowledge, Compassion, and a firm but gentle touch. I will always be grateful to Him and the Academy.

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