Watch As They Will Be Unable To Resist Begging For More!

You have taken my submissive breath away numerous times. Your overall respect for the art of BDSM is quite evident and coupled with your superior intelligence within the field sets You apart. The questions and tasks provided to me are methodically purposeful and will eventually leave no stone of my submission unturned. It has been an honor to kneel before Your knowledge and i am eager to continue my submissive journey.

Learn How To Get Exactly What You Want!

Learn all the tips, tricks and techniques on how to create an obedient slave that will fall to their knees and worship the ground you walk on!

Dear Future Dominant,

If you’re like most Dominant men interested in exploring your Dominant side, you have a desire to learn how to become the best Dominant you can be. To have all submissives desire you and other Dominants in awe of you! To finally be able to live  your life the way you want to live it. With A submissive desperate to worship you at your feet!

I know you’re excited about BDSM and getting started to become a Dominant, but this is not vanilla sex. Before you start your journey you must know that BDSM training under the wrong hands can be a very dangerous and even a life threatening activity. You have to be responsible for someone’s safety. You can’t just jump into being a Dominant and hope to wing it. There are far too many risks. You must learn how to keep yourself and your partner safe while being able to express and enjoy your inner most desires.

Are You Interested In:

Submissive Female Worshipping Her Dominant Man

Learning How To Train A Submissive

As a Dominant you want to push your slave to their absolute limit without causing any serious injuries. You want the thrill of being able to see them doing everything you have ever desired.

Take Full Control Of Your Partner

and make pleasing you their highest priority in life! Breakdown their walls and create an unstoppable desire to serve only you.

Is Your Partner Begging To Be Dominated?

but you don't know where to start or what you can and can't do.

Learn New Skills

There is nothing sexier then having a wide variety of skills under your belt which you can draw upon at any moment. Routine gets boring even with BDSM, the great thing about the alternative lifestyle is how many things you can incorporate to keep you life exciting. Nothing will keep your partner screaming in excitement and moaning in absolute pleasure!

How To Meet Someone

and you want to know how you can determine whether or not they're a genuinely interested in the lifestyle or just wasting your precious time

Let Us Show You How Can Become A Dominant That Inspires Devotion

Even If You're A Complete Novice And Just Starting Out

We Were Once In The Same Position You Are In Now​

W/we all start out in the same place. Confused, unsure, and not how to even start.

We know there is a lot of information surrounding BDSM, and the Dominant/submissive lifestyle and even more confusion.

It’s hard to tell what’s right and what’s wrong.

Due to the nature of Dominating a submissive you don’t just want to jump into a scene without knowing more about it. That is an easy way to get someone hurt including yourself. BDSM is dangerous, especially when someone doesn’t know anything about it and figures they can just learn on the fly, which is a one way ticket to getting yourself or someone else seriously hurt.

(**And yes to answer your question there have been serious injuries and even deaths associated to BDSM activities when people didn’t know what they were doing, ignored safety methods and/or flat out did things wrong**)

Now this doesn’t mean you can’t learn and become a highly skilled Dominatrix. But like many before us and many after us, we started out not knowing a thing. So don’t think you are alone, W/we all start at the same place.

We had so many question and so few answers like:

There Are So Many Questions And Yet So Few Answers Available

Early on before the BDSM Training Academy was even an idea, W/we decided W/we would learn everything there was about slave training no matter what it took and pool all our information together!

So W/we started searching the ‘net, looking high and low for anything that could help. After months of searching, we came up empty handed.

Oh there were a few sites we found kicking around that would give you tiny bits of the puzzle, here and there. But there was NOTHING that would show a complete beginner (like we were) what they needed to know about becoming a Dominant and BDSM.

W/we researched and trained under experienced Masters and Mistresses. Interviewed countless Pro Dom/mes, and slaves. Trained and corresponded with subs from around the world with one goal in mind; to discover the most mindblowing & safest techniques, tips and secrets of sub/slave training and pool all of that information together. It has taken years of our lives to master the art.

14 Years Later And W/we Are Still Adding To The Collection

And All This Information Has Been Compiled By The Entire Team At The BDSM Training Academy For You!

Your Knowledge Of BDSM Has Blown My Mind!

“Your knowledge of BDSM has blown my mind! It has been a true honor to be able to learn from You & Your support staff and I look forward to being able to learning more in the future”

Shawn M

Without This Site I Would Have Struggled To Find All The Information

“I live in a country where BDSM is not talked about. Clubs and sites are not listed in the phone book. Finding this site has been fantastic and extremely helpful for me to explore my potential.

New Zealand

W/we Created The BDSM Slave Training Program To Help You Unleash Your Inner Dominatrix

Inside You'll Discover How To Experience The Most Intense Sensations Of Your Life While Keeping You Out Of Harms Way!

Discover How To Make Them Submit

Watch how easily you will be able to have them wrapped eager to please you and serve your wishes

Learn The Most Crucial Things You Must Not Do

to ensure you and your submissive always remain safe

Uncover The Secrets To Gaining Control Of Their Mind

Once you have control of their mind, they will be helpless to resist worshiping the ground you walk on

BDSM Slave Training Guide

How To Avoid Psychos & Fakers

that just want to waste your time but have no real desire to ever truly serve your desires

Learn Proper Commands & Dominant Instructions

how to use them and when to use them to create an irresistible urge to serve you

The Best Way to Approach Your Partner

about trying to incorporate more BDSM into your lives and have them excited about wanting to experience it with you.

And That Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

You'll Learn So Much More Inside...

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