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Whips, Chains And Floggers...Oh My

When you think of BDSM, you probably think of whips, chains, floggers and all of the other implements of pain and control. And why not? But when you’re trying to start your own exploration of BDSM, it will help if you learn what’s available to use, what it’s used for, and why it’s used. By knowing this, you can stock your ‘toy box’ with only the things that you really want to use.

BDSM Tools Of The Trade

The first category of BDSM tools is those that are used to inflict pain.  These include everything that might be used to hit the skin or cause an intense sensation. 

Impact Toys

Here are some of the most popular Impact Toys and what you might use them for:
BDSM Paddle


A broad flat impact tool used throughout history in correcting behavior by institutions of the time. The wide surface area will commonly produce more of a thuddy feel upon impact. A thuddy impact tends to have more of a deeper impact with a duller feel compared to a sharper stingier impact Paddles with holes allow the user to swing with a greater velocity to create a bigger impact. The metal studs on this particular paddle will add some sting to the thud of each impact.


Provide a widespread sensation due to their multiple pieces of leather (known as falls) coming from the base. Depending upon how the flogger is thrown and how the falls land can produce a variety of sensations, from a deep thuddy impact to an intense sharp sting. While there is a slight learning curve to the flogger, it does not take much time to learn the proper techniques and nothing beats its versatility or artistry as it flies through the air. The flogger will definitely keep the submissive guessing as it produces its orchestra of beautifully intense sensations.

Red Leather Riding Crop


Often seen as a tool used to urge a horse onward by their riders. It didn't take long for this instrument of instruction to be readily adopted to many playrooms and dungeons around the world. While intensely intimidating to look upon, it actually lies on the lower end of the pain scale due to the wider head. However, this doesn't stop the crop from serving as a great tool for reminding the submissive who is in charge with quick, sharp slaps of pain. Very easy to use and extremely light weight. The long handle gives the Dominant more distance to play with, so they can touch the submissive whenever their desire while keeping their submissive at a distance. Also wonderfully useful for reaching those hard to get to areas of the body for more intimate impact play.


The thin rod of the cane will produce the greatest amount of sting of all the toys described. It can be an extremely intense sensation that very few submissives are able to handle, but those masochistic submissives who love canes truly do them love them. Due to the intense sensations it is not a recommended toy for beginners or new people just starting out in impact play. It is a harder tool to use as you can hurt someone quite easily, if you don't know what you're doing. With that said, it only takes a very light flick of the wrist to produce intensely sharp amounts of pain. So it is easier on the Dominant's body to yield but remember harder on the submissive's so always keep that in mind. The thin rod of the Cane is more likely to break the skin of the submissive than the other toys.

Some good rules to know about impact toys:

  • The thinner the surface area of the toy the stingier the impact. Similar to pinching a very small amount of skin between your fingers.
  • The broader the surface area of a toy the thuddier the impact. Similar to pinching a large amount of flesh between your fingers.

The kinds of material the toy is made of will also have an influence on the type of impacts received. A soft leather will produce more of a thuddy impact. Harder materials like metal, rubber, and plastics will produce more of a sting upon impact.

Make sure to ALWAYS negotiate any scene and the kinds of toys that will be used in that scene before you ever step foot into the dungeon or play space. This negotiation/communication will also help you to figure out the kinds of impact sensations the receiver enjoys, which will help to better determine the kinds of toys that can be used in the scene.


Try It Out First

If you have never tried a certain type of toy before, don’t jump into a scene and just hope for the best. Try the toy out on yourself first and see how it feels.


By testing the toy out on your inner thigh (a highly sensitive part of your body) you can determine very quickly what kind of sensation you will receive from it and whether or not that is something you want. During the test you can control the intensity and stop at any time, thus allowing you the freedom to focus solely on the type of impact.

If you try out an impact toy during a scene and the sensations become too intense many submissives have found themselves frozen and unable to call out their safeword. Test it first by yourself, so you know what you are getting into before you consent to play.


You should know what the sensation of every implement you use feels like. That way you know how hard or light you need to swing to produce the kind of sensations the submissive asks for. Again, you can easily do this by testing each toy on your inner thigh.

Other Funishment Toys

Tweezer Nipple Clamps

Clips & Clamps

These devious little devices are small and can go from a light sensation to intense pain depending on the kind of clips or clamps you use. Clamps can be attached to most parts of the body as long as you can pinch a fold of skin and causes instant pain. Be aware that clamps are more painful coming off than they are going on. Avoid areas that have a high concentration of nerves as they are more prone to damage by clips and clamps. This can include the corpus cavernosum and corpus spongiosum of the penis, the clitoris and clitoral hood and eyelids.

Twilight Violet Wand Kit

Electro Play

This includes TENS units, violet wands and other electrical probes that are put on the skin and then electrified.  The sensations from electro play can vary depending on intensity and the area being stimulated. It can range from a tense forced contracting which can help the body relax to a sharp piercing and all the way to an intense sudden electrical shock. Each sensation can add in training in a variety of different ways. Electro play can be used on women and men for intense genital stimulation. Avoid electrical play around the heart and head.

Controlling Toys

Next in the BDSM tool box are those things that will cause a submissive to feel controlled physically:


much easier, faster and safer to use than rope, but not as versatile. Can be added to speed up an intense scene. Cuffs do produce their own unique controlling sensations. While rope can potentially cut off circulation, cuffs are less likely to create the same circulation issues. For extra fun and versatility one can always use rope bondage and leather cuffs together. It can be the best of both worlds.


used to prevent the submissive from speaking or muffling those beautiful noises submissives make from pleasure and pain.  Range from simple ball gags to spider gags and blow up gags and more.


by learning basic bondage techniques, you can cause a submissive to be bound in strict positions that allow for little movement as well as predicament positions that will make them move in certain ways to avoid pain. The most versatile form of bondage, learning how to properly tie someone up with rope can start very simple but can get quite complex. Even with years upon years of experience you will always learn something new when it comes to rope bondage.


much easier, faster and safer to use than rope, but not as versatile. Can be added to speed up an intense scene. Cuffs do produce their own unique controlling sensations. While rope can potentially cut off circulation, cuffs are less likely to create the same circulation issues. For extra fun and versatility one can always use rope bondage and leather cuffs together. It can be the best of both worlds.


take away the sight of the submissive and are a simple way to introduce a submissive to the idea of sensory deprivation. By eliminating one sense it will heighten the other senses creating a more intense experience. It will also prevent the submissive from being able to seeing what the Dominant is doing. That heightened sense of anticipation can keep the submissive on their toes and make everything feel far more intense.


create intense sensory deprivation by blocking the senses of the person wearing it. Some hoods not only will block out all light but also limit the sub's ability to hear, creating even more intense form of sensory deprivation. This leaves the submissive swimming in their on head as the only thing that will keep them linked to the world is their Dominant's touch. Hoods also create a sense of objectification in the wearer as they are robbed of their facial.

Other Fun Toys

There are plenty of other tools that you might want to add to your toy box as well:

The list of BDSM toys is as long as the number of fetishes and preferences are.  The key is to realize what the toys do and whether that fits into your own personal preferences as well as the preferences of your partner.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars just to stock your dungeon.  Most submissives prefer the feel of their Dominant’s hand, and you have two of those whenever you need them. You can also use things from around your house – just use your imagination.  A wooden spatula from the kitchen makes an excellent make shift paddle, a tie makes a great blindfold and a condom-covered cucumber is a menacing dildo.  Take a walk around your house right now to see what kinds of tools you already have.

This was just a brief introduction into the tools of the trade, but If you saw something that has piqued your interest and you want to learn more about click here to learn more 

Here Is To Your Journey,
Master Bishop
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